Tinuku Cara Pemesanan

We provide a variety of vendor products and services so specifications of each product and services are unique. In this case determination method ordering, payment and delivery of production process must adjust. Even so general as usual includes the steps as follows:

Booking methods
  • Via Email
    Ordering via email to specify the type of products or services, contact address, method of payment, name and address of recipient. Follow-up is based on this data.
  • Via text or Phone
    Make use text or phone orders as general.


Payment can be made through bank account. Immediate confirmation through text or email so all parties have a written record of the payment order can be processed.

Production process

The manufacturing process for each product and service vary depending on the specifications products or services and vendors.

Shipping costs

In general, the shipping charges are not included in the price of order that is imposed on calculation of shipping costs. Delivery usually use PT. Pos Indonesia or several expeditions have become our partners as JNE, Tiki, ESL and Dakota Cargo or direct delivery through the airport or port to port.
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